Lambretta 125 cc. and Vespa 125 cc.

Driving the Lambretta and easy and instinctive, will quickly become familiar with the medium because, if you are not used, instantly recalls the bicycle (once learned can never be forgotten by small) is light, handy and reliable; you just turn the knob gas and go …

You drive with A driving license (over 18) or B driving license, must wear a helmet and lights on forever.


Quad 350 cc.

It ‘easy to get on the saddle of a quad and drive, different drive is putting your head, take a prudent and judicious conduct, where there is no risk to his person, nor for third parties and even the environment around us. Because, believe it, drive the quad is great fun and no need to perform stunts and unsafe guides. For this reason, before starting, Piedmont Rent will ask you to adopt a responsible behavior to protect your safety and that of others. For your best preparation, you will find listed below the key points of our module, which you not only read but absolutely respect. Because we respect is the basis for everything, especially a good friendship that Piedmont Rent has the desire to establish with you, future quaddista!
Nb: This page shows you the main points with which we work for your safety and the proper form you will print and deliver it to us at the time of the briefing, prior to the Tour

Driving is easy with the quad

We offer you the chance to drive these particular kinds of terrain in complete safety and comfort, without the worry of not losing the ‘balance – because you will be on 4 wheels – or having to change gear, just like the bikes – the Quad we have, in fact, marching single, simple to use and always strictly controlled and maintained as not to compromise your safety, in addition:

  • You drive with A driving license (over 18) or B driving license, must wear a helmet and lights on forever.
  • Ideal and are also practical for WOMEN .
  • Can carry up to 2 persons .
  • Ideal to carry around the CHILDREN (minimum age 6 years), which shall be the responsibility of the parent.

It will:

Hold regular and unexpired documents (Piedmont Rent is committed to photocopy)
I have read the quad hired, but few have learned the basic instructions that Piedmont Rent asks you to take.

Norms and behaviors:

Committed to wear a helmet (on loan for use) and do wear your passenger is not only required but essential for your safety.
Committed to always follow the staff of Piedmont Rent: respect nature, do not light fires, not to scare the cattle to pasture; slows down during the crossing of towns, not along the paths in the opposite direction of travel, watch out for vehicles farm that you will pass on secondary roads, and never exceed the guidance of Piedmont Rent; always take a supply of safe driving, autonomous, prudent and respectful of the rights of others and rented quad.
Piedmont Rent you should dress “onion” (thick): trousers / jeans, long T-shirt and a sweater, boots, waterproof jacket and scarf / scarf to cover her neck. In winter, you can also wear a snowsuit and in any case, to face the cold our fun tour, just a sock knitting a sweater and more!


The user is responsible for the quad from the time of withdrawal until its return.
The quads are insured RCA, so the coverage is on paved roads only to transfers. Any damage done to the quad, and for negligence for failure or negligence in driving, are entirely borne by the user.
Consequently, it raises the Piedmont Rent from any liability for damage to deal with his own person, with each passenger or third parties.
The user is also responsible for equipment that is delivered through a free (helmet, gloves, etc..) Therefore requires a good use of the same, otherwise we will respond to any damage to it.

The data requested in this form is for the exclusive use of the staff of Piedmont Rent, in full compliance with the Privacy Act (Article 13 of the law. No.196/2003).